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  • Can you get a tattoo on site?
    Yes, the various tattoo artists at the fair will tattoo visitors without an appointment. The Expo therefore offers the opportunity to get a tattoo from a first-class tattoo artist without long waiting times.
  • Do you need appointments to get a tattoo?
    No, just speak to the tattoo artist of your choice and get your tattoo on site
  • Can children also visit the Expo?
    Yes, children up to 14 years of age even have free entry.
  • Can you also pre-order tickets online? What advantage does that have?
    Prices in advance are cheaper than at the box office. Possible waiting times on site are also eliminated.
  • Can you also purchase tickets directly at the Expo?
    Yes, there will be ticket sales at the Expo on both days.
  • Can you get a tattoo under 18?
    This is generally possible with parental consent and a copy of your ID, but each tattoo artist is left to decide for themselves, so just ask 😉
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